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Welcome to Lo & Rho Jewelry & Craft Design

We are glad that you are here and hope that you will take the time to browse our site.
Our line consists of jewelry and crafts that we make;
from necklace to earrings to etched glass.

We are always learning new techniques, buying and reclaiming materials, that would otherwise wind up in our landfill, for unique looks.  So check back often.

  If you have any questions, please contact us at loandrho@comcast.net or call 912-704-6150.  If you call, please leave a message and let us know the best time and day to return your call.  We both have jobs and we will get back in touch with you asap.

Please visit our page on Facebook.
Lo & Rho Jewelery & Craft Design

NOW SHIPPING TO Australia, Canada, Mexico & the UK

While we do not have a physical store; we set up at festivals and events in and nearby Savannah whenever we are able.
We will keep you posted on where we will be and when.
  Check our Festivals page for listings.

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